Auto Accident?

Take the pain and worry out of auto accident repairs. Call 718-399-9500 day or night to get the help you need, when you need it.


24-Hour Towing Service


Insurance Handling


Body Repair & Painting


All Work Guaranteed

Accident Emergency Response

Accident Response Service

Step 1

Call 718-399-9500 now. You have the right choose who repairs your vehicle. Insurance companies may prefer to use a low-cost shop, but you can choose another to protect your rights and investment.

Step 2

We tow your vehicle to protect it, examine it, and prepare an assessment of repair costs.

Step 3

We contact your insurance company’s claims adjusters with the results of your vehicle’s review, and request authorization for repairs.

Step 4

We repair your vehicle, inside and out, with quality parts and guaranteed service to get you back on the road.